MAPS 6-12 Teacher of the Year

Steve Solinski

Our MAPS 6-12 Teacher of The Year is Steven Solinski, a Science Teacher at Marquette Senior High School. One of his nominators wrote, “Mr. Solinski is the best as both a teacher and a colleague. He deserves the title for the way he brings a positive atmosphere to his classroom and to the entire High School, his helpful and humble way of motivating colleagues, and for his high standard for teaching in his classroom throughout his entire career...It is time he is recognized for his long list of contributions and accomplishments as a distinguished MAPS Educator."


6-12 Elementary Teacher of the Year:
2021-22 Justin Burton (Bothwell Middle School)
2020-21 Tom Seeke (Marquette Senior High School)
2018-19 Scot Stewart (Bothwell Middle School)

Teacher of the Year:
2017-18 Lesley Addison (Bothwell Middle School)

2016-17 Patti Karwoski (Superior Hills Elementary)
2015-16 Erin Donovan (Superior Hills Elementary)
2014-15 Sara Moyle (Bothwell Middle School)
2013-14 Matthew Brintlinger (Marquette Alternative High School)
2012-13 Kristina O'Connor & Blythe Raikko (Marquette Senior High School)
2011-12 Cynthia DePetro (Marquette Alternative High School)
2010-11 Karla McCutcheon (Marquette Senior High School)
2009-10 Cheryl Emich-Leete (Sandy Knoll Elementary)
2008-09 Lisa Jahnke (Marquette Senior High School)
2007-08 Toni Landick (Bothwell Middle School)
2006-07 Mary Stevenson (Marquette Senior High School)
2005-06 Carolyn Northey (Bothwell Middle School)
2004-05 Fred Cole (Marquette Senior High School)
2003-04 Christopher Standerford (Marquette Senior High School)
2002-03 Marianne Evans (Graveraet Intermediate School) & Karen Bacula (Bothwell Middle School)
2001-02 Marsha Page (Vandenboom Elementary School)
2000-01 Ellen Zaki (Marquette Senior High School)
1999-00 Janis Shier Norton (Marquette Senior High School & Bothwell Middle School)
1997-98 Cheryl Gustafson (Bothwell Middle School)
1996-97 Iris Katers (Graveraet Intermediate School)
1995-96 Sue Szczepanski (Whitman Elementary)
1994-95 Sharon Green (Graveraet Intermediate School)
1993-94 Mary McKinney (Bothwell Middle School)
1992-93 Bev Humpula (Bothwell Middle School)
1991-92 Jill Nelson (Fisher Elementary)
1990-91 Jim Brogan (Marquette Senior High School)
1989-90 Ruth Murphy (Fisher Elementary)